Alarm Systems Northampton

Alarm systems help to prevent break ins and trespassing on a property by omitting sound or by sending a message to a central monitoring system. They provide a useful warning to anyone surrounding or within the property and can limit the amount lost during and burglary, as offenders know that they have little time before the police are called.

Incognito Systems are experiences and fully qualified to identify, install and maintain cutting edge wireless alarm systems in the Northampton area. All our alarm systems are all modern, flexible and fully configurable and can be scaled up for businesses or multiple occupancy flats.

With years of experience, our team are adept at drawing up comprehensive and bespoke security solutions for a variety of properties, offering a tailored solution to each and every client based on their specific security needs.

Our commitment to customer service ensures that we only use the most up to date technology and install intruder alarm systems in Northampton with a straightforward, easy to use interface so that your premises is secured for years to come.

Our Northampton intruder alarm installers are located in Kettering, and offer a localised service throughout our immediate catchment area. 

Alarm Installers Northampton

The map on the left shows the number of reported burglaries that took place in Northampton in February 2019 alone.

Crime against property is on the rise in both rural and central areas. With reports suggesting that alarms act as both a good burglar deterrent and a reactive damage limiting solution, they're an intrinsic part of any home or businesses security plan.


Areas served: Northampton, Kettering, Wellingborough, Market Harborough, Oundle, Stamford, Burton Latimer, Uppingham, Corby and Thrapston.



Tailoring our solution to you doesn’t just apply to the design stage, we are able to add additional components to your intruder alarm system installation during, or after we have fitted your devices.

Most of our initial installations start by locating the correct items in the correct locations so that the system is as secure as possible. Our installation team usually start with:


  • 1 x User Control Panel, including a Speech Dialer

  • 2 x Passive Infrared Motion Detectors

  • 2 x Remote Key Fob

  • 1 x Magnetic Door Contact

  • 1 x Wireless Alarm Sounder

But, if you decide you would like additional accessories to protect outdoor assets such as your car, garden or shed, we can integrate these into one, easy to use, comprehensive system. Some of the additional components we can install include, external perimeter detectors, lights and even CCTV to enhance your security measures

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Wireless Alarm Systems

As certified installers of Visonic Silver Level systems, we have a huge variety of alarms that are wireless and can operate internally or externally. Some of the products we install include wireless security systems, medical alert control panels and even systems that detect windows from being broken in the home. you can get further information on our products by visiting the Visonic™ website today.

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Bespoke Surveillance System

Every client we have is different and for that reason we ensure that all of our solutions are designed to match your unique requirements, so that all of your security needs are met in one easy to integrate system. All of our jobs start with a free on-site survey that determines the possible intrusion points, both internally and externally, so that we can assess the type of burglar alarm system suited to detect intruders.

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Remote Monitoring Service

Many people believe that alarms are only effective when you’re in the home or people are nearby to alert the police, but with our remote monitoring service, we are always on hand to report suspicious behaviour. By keeping tabs on your alarm or medical alert system 24/7 through a landline connection, our operators can talk to users through the control panel or report break ins or unusual behaviour if you are out of the house.

As one of Northamptonshire’s most reputable and responsive intruder alarm suppliers, we use our localised and industry knowledge to secure peace of mind. Simply contact our team today on
01536 680988 or 07736 115571  to get your FREE no obligation security survey.